Andrea and Krissy

I am so incredibly happy I got to capture this beautiful wedding! It was a close one on my end. I almost didn't make it... Andrea and Krissy planned their wedding on Thursday, June 27th. The Alberta flood happened on June 20th. I was finally able to leave Exshaw on June 24th. They opened Highway 1 on June 26th, just in time for Andrea, Krissy and their families to come to Canmore for a wedding. Whew, that was close!

At the time of flooding, I remember telling them that I may not be able to make it to their wedding based on what was happening with our house, and the fact that all roads leading in and out of Exshaw were closed for an unknown period of time. They told me not to worry about it and were concerned about our house. They hoped I would be able to make it, but if not, it was going to be okay. My heart was broken, you see this was to be my first wedding of the summer and I had been looking forward to it ever since they booked me. It was an almost instant reaction to their message that I knew I had to be there for their wedding.  Come hell or high water, I was going to photograph their day! By June 24th, they managed to get highway 1a open and I was off to Canmore to get ready for their day.

The wedding was everything I had hoped it would be. We had great weather, a great venue at Silvertip Resort and of course, an amazing crew of family and friends that came out to share in Andrea and Krissy's incredible love for one another. I can only come up with two words that best describe these two beautiful women, they are IN LOVE! Their wedding was such a treat to witness. Being the sappy-hearted individual I am, I cried a couple times through their ceremony and truly felt honored to be there. So much emotion and love, it was perfect! I'm so glad I got to be there for it!

Sincere Gratitide goes out to Andrea and Krissy for allowing me the pleasure of capturing your day!

Thank you for visiting my blog! Here are my favorite images from their wedding!