Jay and Kathleen - Delta Kananaskis Wedding

I love Kananaskis country. It really has to be one of the most beautiful parts of the Canadian Rockies. It proved to be extra beautiful on the day Jay and Kathleen got married last July at the Delta Lodge at Kananaskis.

The lodge is situated within the picturesque front ranges of the Canadian Rockies, only a short drive from Calgary AB. It boasts some of the most lovely views of the rocky peaks that welcome you into the Kananaskis range. To top off the great surroundings, the Delta Lodge at Kananaskis also provides every comfort and luxury you would want on a wedding day.

The day was perfect! We had blue skies, warm temperatures and were treated to a glorious sunset in the Rockies. Between the silence you experience on a windless day, the vast valley stretching out before us, and the joy they shared calling each other husband and wife; all of it was a lovely way to finish the day with them.

All throughout the day, there were plenty of loving, sentimental and joyful moments that unfolded between them and their closest family members and friends. It was an honor getting to photograph them and be witness to such a loving union. Best wishes for more love to grow between you and your family. xo