Buffalo Mountain Lodge Wedding ~ Banff National Park

Oh how I loved getting to photograph this incredible couple! Let me tell you the ways...

I first met Greg and Victoria more than a year prior to their wedding, and knew immediately they would be a joy to work with. Our first photography session happened back in the fall of 2013, when I shot their engagement session in Banff and Canmore. The way these two love one another is really special. No guidance was ever needed to capture their love for one another. Not only are they a joy to watch together, they are also very easy on the eyes. True beautifies inside and out! If I had to choose their best qualities though, it would have to be their openness, patience and full trust during our sessions together. It seriously felt like I'd won the photography lottery getting to work with these two. So great!

I feel extra bonded to these two for another reason. I also got to photograph Greg's sister's wedding (Heather and Jon) in the winter of 2014. After working with both couples and their families, it was a great feeling showing up at Greg and Victoria's wedding feeling like an old family friend. Such a gift!

The wedding day played out like a well orchestrated symphony. Every detail was meticulously planned with loving attention. From the start of the day, I knew it was going to be memorable. From his suit to her gorgeous dress, these two were bringing class and great fashion to the Rockies. The wedding party... What a super fun group of people to work with! They kept me on my toes and laughing until my abs hurt all day. Greg and Victoria are surrounded by incredibly loving family members and friends. Lots of laughter, genuine hugs, happiness, joyful tears and candid moments were expressed all day.

The set the stage for their ceremony: imagine dark, looming clouds, pierced with the occasional strike of warm sunlight painting it's way along the landscape. Add to this, the boom of thunder rolling all around the surrounding mountains. That was the start of their ceremony. It was electric! (no pun intended ;) With a stage like that, only magic could from of it and that is exactly what unfolded for the rest of their wedding day. Between the warm breeze and soft skies that welcomed us during the bride/groom portrait session, to a very heart centered reception, the day was perfect. The reception brought animated speeches, tears of love, and great belly laughs that echoed off the warm wood walls of the beautiful Buffalo Mountain Lodge. The day didn't stop there though... The night came on hot and heavy with one heck of a good party, courtesy of DJ Strength of Solid Beat Productions! If you are looking for a great DJ who will keep your toes a tappin', look no further, he is great!

To say this was a favorite wedding, is an understatement. It was a privilege to be the lucky one who got to capture their undeniable love for one another, amongst a group of truly loving and welcoming family and friends. Enjoy the photo collage from their beautiful day in Banff National Park!

Many warm wishes and blessings to you both, Greg and Victoria! A lifetime of love and laughter to you both! xo