A land of possibilities in Portland, Oregon | A photography workshop and road trip.

This past spring, I went to portland to attend an amazing photography workshop called Possible. I went with 2 fellow, and very talented, photographers from my hometown in Golden, BC, Lois and Noa of Lolo and Noa Photography. We decided to drive and enjoy a couple days of road tripping on our way to Portland before joining the workshop. There were lots of giggles, beautiful scenery, long hours in the car, and stories that were shared on route to Portland.

The workshop was hosted by a trio of talented photographers: Gabe McClintock, Ed Peers and Jesh De Rox. A good portion of the workshop focused on great discussion with each of our hosts, learning how they approach their craft within their chosen genre of photography. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience, and felt like I walked away with a better connection to the both the couples, and the work, I was hoping to bring forward in the coming wedding season. I am very pleased with what was created this year with my clients, and know a huge part of that came from my time at the Possible workshop. One of my highlight moments from the workshop, came when we were taken to a beautiful waterfall to put our learning to practice, photographing a beautiful couple just outside of Portland. I loved getting to photograph this couple, in the setting they provided, with lots of fellow enthusiastic photographers joyfully shooting their little hearts out. It was an awesome experience to say the least! Thank for being such incredible models for us, Narsete Photography!

My second highlight moment from the whole trip, was exploring Cannon Beach with a wonderful gaggle of excellent photographers, extremely keen to put our new skills to work on each other and practice what was learned during the workshop. I adored this day so much. I have always had a desire to do more one on one photography work with women. Tiara Brouse, of Tiara Brouse Photography was the lovely soul who allowed me to photographer her, and navigate one of my first experiences doing this. I couldn't have asked for a better subject to flex my creative muscles with, I absolutely love the photos we made together. Between her, the setting, the amazing photographers who joined for the evening, all of it was a memorable experience. 

Lois, Noa and I began our travels back to BC, driving along the Oregon coastline, photographing each other along the way. We played with unicorn heads on the beach, cigarette smoke, and visiting adorable antique shops on the route back home. All in all it was an amazing trip! I am so grateful for the new perspectives gained, a head and heart that were full of fresh inspiration, and for the great company I got to share it with.

I really enjoyed taking these photos, so I thought I would share some here to show more of my personal photography work. I look forward to doing more of this in the future as I make plans to set out for Italy this coming spring to explore as much of this beautiful country as I can. It will be my first trip to Europe, and I am beyond thrilled to spend a month exploring Italy. I can't wait to photograph my through the country. 

Thank you for taking the time to look at my personal photos! I hope your day is a bright one.

Warm wishes,

Jody, xo