Autumn and Dave Revelstoke, BC Wedding, October 2013

I am so pleased to finally be able to share this wedding with you all! It is one of my most favorite weddings I got to be a part of. Autumn and Dave got married in a lovely home they rented in Revelstoke, BC over Thanksgiving weekend last year. It was a beautiful mansion that was located just outside of the town, down one of the most beautiful roads I've ever been on in the area. We were lucky to be there just as the leaves were peaking with fall colors. Needless to say, it was the perfect conditions for a fall wedding!

Watching Autumn and Dave invite their family members in for an intimate display of their love and affection for one another was so special, and a real treat to be a part of. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to feel like one of the family members and being on hand to capture many of their loving moments together. Autumn is one of the most special, and giving woman I have had the pleasure of getting to work with. Not only is she completely gorgeous on the outside, she has heart of gold to match. Dave is just as welcoming and also a great person to work with. We made the perfect team ensuring all outdoor photography took place is the best options available. They were on board for all ideas and had lots of their own to offer. It felt magical working with them to ensure we made the most of the beautiful scenery, this perfect little part of Revelstoke had to offer.

Aside from the scenery and great location, what stood out even more for me at this wedding was the deep sense of love they all had for each other. Getting to watch the daughter play a role in their ceremony holding a rope that represented their bind to one another, was such a touching and personal sentiment to their union. I couldn't help feeling a sense of privilege getting to witness the marriage of not only two people, but three. It was honor to capture it.

All of us were also treated to the culinary genius of Mo's Mountain Cuisine over the long weekend. Monique (Mo) created one delicious meal after another, leaving all of us on baited breath (and salivating mouths) as to what she would create next. If you are in the market to have an event catered, or needing some incredible backcountry eats, look no further than her business. Trust me, you will not be disappointed! Click here for her website and further details.

Since their wedding took place on a weekend designed to show thanks, I can not thank you both enough for allowing me the pleasure of getting capture, and feel a part of, your beautiful wedding day/weekend! I wish you both nothing less than the best adventures life can offer you both!

Enjoy the photos everyone! xo

Spring Photography Special 2014


Spring Photography Special 2014

I am so excited to announce this years photography special to take place in Canmore, AB. I will offer a great opportunity for portraiture photography within the beautiful Canadian Rockies for two sets of dates this spring. I love this time of the year, and would enjoy nothing more than to get outside in the spring conditions to capture life's beautiful moments. There are a few spots open each day, so sign up early to take advantage of this great offer!

This special is open for professional head shots, engagement sessions, maternity sessions and family sessions (Max 5 people). Excludes Newborn Sessions.

May 17th/18th

June 21st/22nd

Here are the details below:

~ 30 Minute Mini Portraiture Sessions for $175+GST. 

Includes the edited, high resolution images (up to 10 images for your keeping).

~ 1 hour Portraiture Sessions for $300+GST. (Best option for a Family Session)

Includes the edited, high resolution images (up to 25 images for your keeping).

Contact me today to ensure you get to be a part of this awesome special!

Limited spots available!

Email me at or 403 679-8393

Jody has an amazing talent to capture not only her subjects in beautiful surroundings, but their personalities as well. Our engagement photo session has been the highlight of our summer. We had a beautiful evening around the river, even going off the beaten path to find that perfect spot. I admit, I was a little nervous at first, but Jody managed to pull me out of my shell in no time and we had a really fun session. Our photos look so much like us, and feel so much like us. Months after receiving our photos, we still can’t choose a favourite one. I only wanted “photos of us, in mountains”. Jody managed to give us a snapshot of our love, in a second in time, that we can look back on for years to come.” Kristy Hammermeister and Wayne Bennett, Engagement Session, June 2013 in Canmore, AB
"This fall we had the pleasure of working with Jody for both a maternity photo shoot and soon after our newborn photos. I couldn't be more thrilled with the results and the process! My husband and I were instantly comfortable around Jody and felt like old friends. We didn't feel awkward being photographed by her and as a result she captured the real "us" and we never felt posed. I also can't say enough about her patience and enthusiasm, particularly during the newborn shoot (I had no idea how much was involved in the process, the knowledge of a professional is essential!) Not once did she make us feel like we should rush. This was a good thing because our little man was not always cooperative, insisted on several snack breaks and he made a few messes.
It's amazing how quickly you forget how big your belly was after the baby arrives, and once the baby is here they grow so quickly! I'm so glad we chose Jody Goodwin Photography to so perfectly capture these priceless memories. Arleah Bloxam, Maternity Session, Sepetmber 2013 in Canmore, AB.

SpringSpecial-1 SpringSpecial-2 SpringSpecial-3 SpringSpecial-4 SpringSpecial-5 SpringSpecial-6 SpringSpecial-7 SpringSpecial-8 SpringSpecial-9 SpringSpecial-10 SpringSpecial-11 SpringSpecial-12

Owen's Fall Family/Maternity Session in Canmore, AB.

This has to be one of my most favorite family sessions that I have had the pleasure of photographing. There are many reasons why this session goes down in my books as being one of my favorites. First, the fall colors were getting close to their peak of perfection in the mountains. They were beyond beautiful, making a nice fall backdrop for a photography session. Second, the Owen's family came with a sense of play for their photography session. They came with bikes, bubbles, someone gave Fynn a balloon and then we went to the play ground and had a blast. I got to go into a creative head space and just capture their session from more a documentary standpoint, with a few posed shots in between. It was perfect! Third, Fynn, their little boy, is AMAZING! He is such a sweet boy, he really stole my heart from the moment I met him. All you have to do is scroll the photos to see what I mean. What a cutie! Last, but not least, Marion and Rob are a dream to work with. Easy conversation and open minds as to what we did. I can not say this enough, it goes a long way. Also, Marion, you are a beautiful woman and soul. Such a treat to photograph.

Thank you (!) Owen's family for bringing me along for an afternoon of play, on a beautiful fall day. I loved it, and hope you continue to love and cherish the photos. Warmest regards to all of you, especially your newest family member. Sincere congrats on your healthy and beautiful new son! xo

Enjoy this beautiful, sunny spring day everyone! xo

OwensFamily-1 OwensFamily-2 OwensFamily-3 OwensFamily-4 OwensFamily-5 OwensFamily-6 OwensFamily-7 OwensFamily-8 OwensFamily-9 OwensFamily-10 OwensFamily-11 OwensFamily-12 OwensFamily-13 OwensFamily-14 OwensFamily-15 OwensFamily-16 OwensFamily-17 OwensFamily-18 OwensFamily-19 OwensFamily-20 OwensFamily-21 OwensFamily-22 OwensFamily-23 OwensFamily-24 OwensFamily-25 OwensFamily-26 OwensFamily-27 OwensFamily-28 OwensFamily-29 OwensFamily-30

Victoria and Greg - Engagement Session in Canmore

I had the pleasure of getting to meet and photograph Victoria and Greg through a recommendation that actually came from Greg's sister. I have worked with his sister for both an engagement session, and just recently her winter wedding this past weekend. All I can say is what a treat it is to get to work with this family! They are all so kind, loving and caring for one another. I feel pretty lucky to get to work with them! There was so much romance, love and tenderness during this engagement session last fall. You can actually feel the love coming off of Victoria and Greg when they are together in a room, or outdoor setting. I swear, I barely coached them through this engagement session. They are naturally this loving with one another. It was really sweet to photograph and witness. I am so excited to get to be their wedding photographer this summer when they wed in Banff. I have no doubt there will be more of same loving tenderness between them, with the added bonus of more excitement and some great dancing!

Thank you Victoria and Greg for allowing me the pleasure to be a part of this special time in your lives. Until we meet again this summer, continue to enjoy the photos and each other. xo

Thanks for visiting my blog on this fine Monday evening y'all!



Arleah and Darren Maternity Session in Canmore, AB

Oh how I loved this fall maternity session, let me tell you the ways... First, Arleah and Darren were an absolute dream to work with. They were so easy going, so laid back and ready to try anything for the shot. We started out in their home in Canmore and then made our way to one of the few places that had the start of some fall colors coming in. Can I just say how much I love the place we went to? We had great fall light, colors and one heck of a beautiful couple to boot! What more can you ask for? Oh, love and lots of it!

I also had the immense pleasure of photographing their little ones arrival later on in October, but you will have to wait to see that session. Trust me, it will be worth the wait!

Thank you so much Arleah and Darren for allowing me to be a part of this special time in your lives. It was a pure treat!

Enjoy the day and photos everyone! xo

ArleahandDarren-1 ArleahandDarren-2 ArleahandDarren-3 ArleahandDarren-4 ArleahandDarren-5 ArleahandDarren-6 ArleahandDarren-7 ArleahandDarren-8 ArleahandDarren-9 ArleahandDarren-10 ArleahandDarren-11 ArleahandDarren-12 ArleahandDarren-13 ArleahandDarren-14 ArleahandDarren-15 ArleahandDarren-16 ArleahandDarren-17 ArleahandDarren-18 ArleahandDarren-19 ArleahandDarren-20 ArleahandDarren-21

Mike and Taurick - Canmore Engagement Session, September 2013

I so loved getting to be a part of these two love birds engagement session last fall. On top of being a totally gorgeous couple, these two are also incredibly in love with one another. They were such a treat to photograph! On this particular evening, we had one of the prettiest sunsets I can recall being out for, having a camera and a couple to shoot with. Between the pink skies, soft autumn light and tons of love in the air, you could not have asked for better photography conditions. I was mighty pleased!

I also had the pleasure of photographing their wedding at the end of November. That special treat will be coming your way soon enough!

Thanks for having me come along to capture your love for one another Mike and Taurick. It truly was a pleasure!

Enjoy your evening everyone! xo

MikeandTaurick-1 MikeandTaurick-2 MikeandTaurick-3 MikeandTaurick-4 MikeandTaurick-5 MikeandTaurick-6 MikeandTaurick-7 MikeandTaurick-8 MikeandTaurick-9 MikeandTaurick-10 MikeandTaurick-11 MikeandTaurick-12 MikeandTaurick-13 MikeandTaurick-14 MikeandTaurick-15 MikeandTaurick-16 MikeandTaurick-17 MikeandTaurick-18 MikeandTaurick-19 MikeandTaurick-20

Lisa and Chris - Canmore Wedding August 2013

After taking a much needed break from my business for personal reasons, I am finally ready to hop back into sharing my work. I am more than ready and eager to share one of my most fun weddings from last summer! Meet Lisa and Chris...

I can not possibly say enough great things about this awesome couple. They are gorgeous, generous, easy going and most of all super FUN! I had the immense pleasure of getting to work with them, and super cute dogs, in the spring doing their engagement photos in the Bragg Creek area. I knew then, that I was going to be in for a great time at their wedding. They most definitely did not disappoint!

As stated above, this was one heck of a wedding! Between the morning shenanigans with the groomsmen to the gaggle of giggles that happened during the wedding party portraits, the day was simply awesome. The best part of their day had to be the party though. These two know how to host a great one! I was kept well entertained until the wee hours of the morning chasing one great dancer after another. Over all, one of the most fun parties I have gotten to join in a while.

Thank you Lisa and Chris for not only allowing me the pleasure to be a part of your special day, but also for becoming such great friends. I can hardly wait for the next time we get to see one another again!

Warmest wishes to you both! xo

LisaChrisBlog-1 LisaChrisBlog-2 LisaChrisBlog-4 LisaChrisBlog-5 LisaChrisBlog-6 LisaChrisBlog-7 LisaChrisBlog-8 LisaChrisBlog-9 LisaChrisBlog-10LisaChrisBlog-11 LisaChrisBlog-12 LisaChrisBlog-13 LisaChrisBlog-14 LisaChrisBlog-15 LisaChrisBlog-16 LisaChrisBlog-17 LisaChrisBlog-18 LisaChrisBlog-19 LisaChrisBlog-20 LisaChrisBlog-21 LisaChrisBlog-22 LisaChrisBlog-23 LisaChrisBlog-24LisaChrisBlog-25 LisaChrisBlog-26 LisaChrisBlog-27 LisaChrisBlog-28 LisaChrisBlog-29 LisaChrisBlog-30 LisaChrisBlog-31 LisaChrisBlog-32 LisaChrisBlog-33 LisaChrisBlog-34 LisaChrisBlog-35 LisaChrisBlog-36 LisaChrisBlog-37 LisaChrisBlog-38LisaChrisBlog-39 LisaChrisBlog-40 LisaChrisBlog-41 LisaChrisBlog-42 LisaChrisBlog-43 LisaChrisBlog-44 LisaChrisBlog-46 LisaChrisBlog-47 LisaChrisBlog-48 LisaChrisBlog-49 LisaChrisBlog-50 LisaChrisBlog-51 LisaChrisBlog-52 LisaChrisBlog-54 LisaChrisBlog-53 LisaChrisBlog-55 LisaChrisBlog-56 LisaChrisBlog-57 LisaChrisBlog-58

Amanda and Dustin - August Wedding at the Iron Goat Pub and Grill in Canmore, AB

I had such a great time photographing Amanda and Dustin's wedding in Canmore this past August. A couple of days beforehand we met for an engagement session, and I knew then that their wedding was going to be full of heart and emotion. From the relaxing morning of  joining the bride & groom getting ready, to our beautiful afternoon exploring a flowered meadow in the mountains, to their hilarious wedding reception, all of it was great fun! My favorite memory from their wedding came during their reception. A member of their wedding party works with Global News in Edmonton, and together they put together a hilarious film that they shared during the reception. I was laughing so hard it was difficult to keep shooting. The best part though was both Dustin and Amanda's tearful dedications they made for each other near the end of film. So much love between these two! I am so happy they found one another.

Here are some of my favorite photographs from their wedding day. Thank you Amanda and Dustin for allowing me the pleasure of capturing your wedding! I wish you both lots of love and continued adventures together!

Best wishes! xo

AmandaDustin-1AmandaDustin-2AmandaDustin-3AmandaDustin-4AmandaDustin-5AmandaDustin-6 AmandaDustin-7 AmandaDustin-8 AmandaDustin-9 AmandaDustin-10 AmandaDustin-11AmandaDustin-12 AmandaDustin-13 AmandaDustin-14 AmandaDustin-15 AmandaDustin-16 AmandaDustin-17 AmandaDustin-18 AmandaDustin-19 AmandaDustin-20 AmandaDustin-21 AmandaDustin-22 AmandaDustin-23 AmandaDustin-24AmandaDustin-25 AmandaDustin-26 AmandaDustin-27 AmandaDustin-28 AmandaDustin-29 AmandaDustin-30 AmandaDustin-31 AmandaDustin-32 AmandaDustin-33 AmandaDustin-34 AmandaDustin-35AmandaDustin-36 AmandaDustin-37AmandaDustin-55 AmandaDustin-39 AmandaDustin-40 AmandaDustin-41 AmandaDustin-42 AmandaDustin-43 AmandaDustin-44AmandaDustin-45 AmandaDustin-46 AmandaDustin-47 AmandaDustin-48 AmandaDustin-49 AmandaDustin-50 AmandaDustin-51 AmandaDustin-52 AmandaDustin-53 AmandaDustin-54

Amanda and Dustin's Engagement Session in Canmore, AB

We had such beautiful weather for this couples engagement session in Canmore, back in August. We caught the magic hour at sunset for their session and the evening just got better and better as we were out. I did Amanda and Dustin's engagement session a few days prior to getting to photograph their wedding. These two were full of excitement for their upcoming wedding, and were bursting with love for one another. I'm glad I got to be there to capture it first hand!

Stay tuned for their wedding photos! They are coming at you next!

Enjoy your evening everyone! xo

AmandaandDustin-1AmandaandDustin-2AmandaandDustin-3AmandaandDustin-4AmandaandDustin-5AmandaandDustin-6AmandaandDustin-7 AmandaandDustin-8 AmandaandDustin-9 AmandaandDustin-10 AmandaandDustin-11 AmandaandDustin-12

Meagan and Dave - Canmore Nordic Centre Wedding

Oh how I loved getting to meet this wonderful couple and their families! I loved every minute I got to spend with them, from our hilarious family session a couple of days before the wedding, to their incredibly beautiful and emotion filled ceremony the day of the wedding. My eyes went from crying due to laughter, to tears that covered the back of my camera during their ceremony. All of it was perfect! One of my favorite memories from their wedding day was the blessing that got delivered right after their first kiss. The commissioner, Naomi, blessed them with an aboriginal prayer that could not have been more fitting for the couple. You can honestly feel the love radiating off of this couple when you are with them. It is truly something to witness. To get to be the photographer that captured their wedding day was nothing shy of an honor.

Meagan and Dave were kind enough to offer me a testimonial from their experience, here it what they had to say about my services:

"After viewing photographs from previous weddings we knew Jody was the one for us. Being the multi-talented woman she is, she was able to capture the best landscapes Canmore has to offer and combine them with beautiful wedding photography; all while putting us all at ease on an already overwhelming day. We were also lucky enough to have Jody as our family photographer as well - where she adapted graciously to our variety of requests, no matter how 'out of the box' they were. - Meagan McNichol and David Elliott, Married August 10th 2013 - Canmore.

Here are some of my favorite photos from their wedding day. I wish you both continued love and happiness together, and a hope that the world continues to be your playground. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your day!

Best wishes, xo.

MeaganDaveBlog-1 MeaganDaveBlog-2 MeaganDaveBlog-3 MeaganDaveBlog-4 MeaganDaveBlog-5 MeaganDaveBlog-6 MeaganDaveBlog-7 MeaganDaveBlog-8MeaganDaveBlog-9MeaganDaveBlog-10MeaganDaveBlog-11 MeaganDaveBlog-12 MeaganDaveBlog-13 MeaganDaveBlog-14 MeaganDaveBlog-15 MeaganDaveBlog-16 MeaganDaveBlog-17 MeaganDaveBlog-18 MeaganDaveBlog-19MeaganDaveBlog-20 MeaganDaveBlog-21 MeaganDaveBlog-22 MeaganDaveBlog-23 MeaganDaveBlog-24MeaganDaveBlog-25 MeaganDaveBlog-26 MeaganDaveBlog-27 MeaganDaveBlog-28 MeaganDaveBlog-29 MeaganDaveBlog-30 MeaganDaveBlog-31MeaganDaveBlog-32 MeaganDaveBlog-33 MeaganDaveBlog-34 MeaganDaveBlog-35 MeaganDaveBlog-36 MeaganDaveBlog-37MeaganDaveBlog-38 MeaganDaveBlog-39 MeaganDaveBlog-40 MeaganDaveBlog-41 MeaganDaveBlog-42 MeaganandDave-44

Family Fun in the Sun!

So excited to share some photos from this ultra fun, summer family session I did back in August. I had such a great morning getting to work with Laura, Adam and Amira in Canmore. Amira is such a little sweetie and did her best to keep me on my toes. We learned about wild flowers, played in a little pond and finished with a visit to a nearby creek. I loved her energy and playful ways! As for Laura and Adam, they did such a great job playing with Amira and keeping her entertained during the session. The four us enjoyed a lovely stroll among the mountains, under a warm sun and pristine blue sky. Here are some of my favorite photos from our session. Thank you Laura, Adam and Amira for our "Fun in the Sun" family session! xo

LauraAdamAmira-1 LauraAdamAmira-2 LauraAdamAmira-3 LauraAdamAmira-4 LauraAdamAmira-5 LauraAdamAmira-6 LauraAdamAmira-7 LauraAdamAmira-8 LauraAdamAmira-9 LauraAdamAmira-10 LauraAdamAmira-11 LauraAdamAmira-12 LauraAdamAmira-13 LauraAdamAmira-14 LauraAdamAmira-15 LauraAdamAmira-16

Mike and Cheryl Rafter Six Wedding

So excited to share some photos from this super fun, ranch style wedding that took place at Rafter Six Ranch within Kananaskis country at the end of July. Rafter Six Ranch is situated within some of the most incredibly beautiful views within the Canadian Rockies. My husband and I got married in an area very near to this Ranch, and Mike and Cheryl were guests at it. They too fell in love with the area, and wanted to get married in a similar area as us. I could not have been more excited at the prospect of getting to photograph a wedding in the same area as where I got married. I jumped at the opportunity! Mike and Cheryl are truly two of the nicest people you will ever be lucky to meet and call friends. I knew well before our engagement session that we were going to work together beautifully and that is exactly what happened on their wedding day. We celebrated the sun coming out just before the ceremony, danced in a wildflower filled field amongst the mountains, and laughed to our hearts content during their ridiculously funny reception. Truly one of the most fun weddings I have ever been to!

Many thanks to you both for allowing me the pleasure of capturing your amazing wedding day.  Thanks for the many dances!

Enjoy the photos! xo

MikeandCheryl-4 MikeandCheryl-5 MikeandCheryl-6MikeandCheryl-68MikeandCheryl-1 MikeandCheryl-2MikeandCheryl-65-2MikeandCheryl-7 MikeandCheryl-8MikeandCheryl-69 MikeandCheryl-11 MikeandCheryl-12MikeandCheryl-14 MikeandCheryl-15 MikeandCheryl-16 MikeandCheryl-17 MikeandCheryl-18MikeandCheryl-67 MikeandCheryl-20 MikeandCheryl-22 MikeandCheryl-21 MikeandCheryl-23 MikeandCheryl-26 MikeandCheryl-27 MikeandCheryl-28 MikeandCheryl-29 MikeandCheryl-30 MikeandCheryl-31 MikeandCheryl-32 MikeandCheryl-33MikeandCheryl-66MikeandCheryl-35MikeandCheryl-36MikeandCheryl-37 MikeandCheryl-40 MikeandCheryl-41 MikeandCheryl-42 MikeandCheryl-43MikeandCheryl-44 MikeandCheryl-46 MikeandCheryl-47 MikeandCheryl-48MikeandCheryl-50 MikeandCheryl-51 MikeandCheryl-52MikeandCheryl-54MikeandCheryl-49MikeandCheryl-53MikeandCheryl-55MikeandCheryl-56MikeandCheryl-57MikeandCheryl-59 MikeandCheryl-60 MikeandCheryl-61 MikeandCheryl-62 MikeandCheryl-63MikeandCheryl-39

Heather and Jon - Canmore Engagement Session

It was such a beautiful evening when I had the pleasure of doing Heather and Jon's engagement session. One of those beautiful summer evenings where the sun lingers in and out of the clouds as it drops below the valley. Great conditions for an awesome couple! Heather and Jon wanted to incorporate a few items into their session that showcased their outdoor travel and adventure loving sides. Being a one time van owner myself, and fully knowing how awesome they are as a means of travel for outdoor loving enthusiasts. I jumped at the opportunities to pay tribute to the old camper van and look for creative opportunities. I also adore animals, so was keen to have their pooch come along on the session. Last, but not least, these two love to bike! All in all a super fun session with lots of variety!

Thanks for the beautiful, fun sunset session in Canmore you two! So ridiculously excited for your wedding in March! Until then, enjoy the winter play! xo

HeatherandJon-1HeatherandJon-2HeatherandJon-3HeatherandJon-4 HeatherandJon-5 HeatherandJon-6 HeatherandJon-7 HeatherandJon-8 HeatherandJon-9 HeatherandJon-10 HeatherandJon-11 HeatherandJon-12 HeatherandJon-13 HeatherandJon-14 HeatherandJon-16 HeatherandJon-17 HeatherandJon-18 HeatherandJon-19

Welcome to the World Grace!

There is a great story to go along with this session... Erica had originally won my Maternity session from the Summer in the Rockies photo contest that I ran back in May. She won the contest on a Monday, and then promptly gave birth on Thursday. Grace had decided it was time to 'grace' us with her sweet little presence. We simply switched from a maternity to a newborn session and here you have it! Here are the photos from our sweet, tender loving session. Grace, you have entered a beautiful life with Erica! Enjoy the world of adventure you are in for!

So great working with you lovely ladies! xo

Erica-1 Erica-2Erica-3 Erica-4 Erica-5Erica-6 Erica-7Erica-8 Erica-9Erica-10 Erica-11 Erica-12 Erica-13 Erica-14 Erica-15 Erica-16 Erica-18 Erica-17

Jenny and Ian

Jenny and Ian were such a pleasure to work with for an engagement session! They were the winners of my engagement session as part of the Summer in the Rockies photo contest I did in May. We did their session early in July in perfect summer conditions. The flowers were close to their peak of brilliance and the air was full of sunshine and warmth. Just like Jenny and Ian! It was so fun to do their engagement session, as the wedding was fast approaching in BC. They were full of love, laughter and happiness. I have no doubt that their wedding was more of the same!

Thanks for the fun session you two! xo

Ianandjenny-1 Ianandjenny-2 Ianandjenny-3 Ianandjenny-4 Ianandjenny-5 Ianandjenny-6 Ianandjenny-7 Ianandjenny-8 Ianandjenny-9 Ianandjenny-10 Ianandjenny-11


Andrea and Krissy

I am so incredibly happy I got to capture this beautiful wedding! It was a close one on my end. I almost didn't make it... Andrea and Krissy planned their wedding on Thursday, June 27th. The Alberta flood happened on June 20th. I was finally able to leave Exshaw on June 24th. They opened Highway 1 on June 26th, just in time for Andrea, Krissy and their families to come to Canmore for a wedding. Whew, that was close!

At the time of flooding, I remember telling them that I may not be able to make it to their wedding based on what was happening with our house, and the fact that all roads leading in and out of Exshaw were closed for an unknown period of time. They told me not to worry about it and were concerned about our house. They hoped I would be able to make it, but if not, it was going to be okay. My heart was broken, you see this was to be my first wedding of the summer and I had been looking forward to it ever since they booked me. It was an almost instant reaction to their message that I knew I had to be there for their wedding.  Come hell or high water, I was going to photograph their day! By June 24th, they managed to get highway 1a open and I was off to Canmore to get ready for their day.

The wedding was everything I had hoped it would be. We had great weather, a great venue at Silvertip Resort and of course, an amazing crew of family and friends that came out to share in Andrea and Krissy's incredible love for one another. I can only come up with two words that best describe these two beautiful women, they are IN LOVE! Their wedding was such a treat to witness. Being the sappy-hearted individual I am, I cried a couple times through their ceremony and truly felt honored to be there. So much emotion and love, it was perfect! I'm so glad I got to be there for it!

Sincere Gratitide goes out to Andrea and Krissy for allowing me the pleasure of capturing your day!

Thank you for visiting my blog! Here are my favorite images from their wedding!




Welcome to the World Sadie!

I am so thrilled to finally be able to share this ultra cute newborn session I did a couple of days before the flood. I have been bursting at the seams to share this one! Sadie is such a cutie and she did so great during our session. Getting to work with Michelle and Derek again was such a treat! I thoroughly loved our Maternity Session and was more than certain we'd have great results working together again when the newborn session came to be. We had a great visit while we waited for Sadie to fall into a deep sleep, which she did for a while. Always makes for the best photos when the newborns are ready for a good long sleep. Michelle and Derek had also done a bit of research beforehand and had some great ideas for the session. We all worked together and got some great results with Sadie. She was the perfect model!

Enough talking about how great it was. I'll let the photos do the talking from now on! Get ready to say "Awwww..."



A summer to remember...

I feel the need to explain why my blog sat completely dormant over what appeared on my Facebook page as a pretty busy summer with photography. Well, the reason is really simple, it was one of the busiest times of my whole life! Off the charts busy! A good portion of it was super fun with all kinds of amazing photography opportunities. I can hardly wait to share all of the great times I had with my incredible clients. The other half of the summer was whole different kind of busy... I'll tell you more about it below. My husband and I had the immense pleasure and excitement of purchasing our first home together at the beginning of June. We had found our dream home in the Rocky mountains! It came to us as a sweet little bungalow house, tucked into an end lot with nothing but forest behind us for miles and miles, and mountains in every direction. Needless to say, we were over the moon, excited with the purchase! We got busy with packing up our belongings and moving them to our new house in Exshaw, AB.

This was our first photo with the house. Taken June 7th.

This was our first photo with the house, taken June 7th.

Throughout the evening on June 19th, I unpacked the last of our boxes and ran around taking photos full of excitement for owning our first home. I had no idea that what was coming in the next few hours would radically change the course of events for my/our summer.

We were awakened in the wee hours of June 20th to the reality that our house was going to flood, and we had to leave it and most of our belongings behind. We left our home through waist deep freezing water at 3am to join many other stranded Exshaw residents as the flood ravaged our community and town. Our house got flooded twice during the course of that radical storm in Alberta. We accumulated 6 feet of water in our yard and approximately 20 inches on the main floor of our home. We were fortunate to be able to save the frame of the house, but not much else.  In the days that followed the flood we stayed at the Elementary school while crews worked night and day to get HWY 1 A open again. It became very clear in those early days that we were in for a very long recovery with the house.

Once we arrived in Canmore, we were greeted with open arms by a community that was more than eager to help us out. They wanted to ensure we were well taken care of. Our house was eventually deemed temporarily unlivable until it dried out. By this time, we had already been set up through the disaster relief program with amazing accommodations that a family had donated to those displaced from the flood. Meeting and getting to share a living space with that family was one of the major highlights for us going through the flood. They were so welcoming, full of love and eager to offer us any kind of reprieve/assistance. It's definitely one of the most amazing acts of kindness I have ever received. We are still overwhelmed with gratitude for their generosity.

Throughout the summer, we worked constantly to get back on our feet, and we didn't do it alone. Between our families and a solid network of friends, volunteers and complete strangers, they all pitched in to help us get back to normal in our home. I am incredibly proud of my husband who worked on our home like it was a full time job, doing the vast majority of the repairs it needed. I don't even want to imagine the process without him, and the many hands that got dirty helping us clean up after the flood. Thank you so much for being in our lives!

As I type this note I am sitting in my new office in my now beautifully recovered home, looking out the window admiring the fall colors and all I can feel is contentment and gratitude. Our house is better than it was before the flood, and we have never been so happy to be home.

Thanks for reading my story! Now! It's time to share the other half of my summer! Get ready for a whole lot of Jody Goodwin Photography coming your way!


Oh, and here's the part two to my cheesy house photo, I couldn't resist! ;)


House-1Who has the biggest smile? I think my dog, Neve, wins! ;)

Welcome Spring Photo Special - Engagement 1

Welcome to Kristy and Wayne's Engagement session from the Welcome Spring Photography special in June. We had a great evening session that came with the usual spring time weather, more periods of rain! We weathered the storm just fine and got some really fun images along the Bow river in Canmore. These two are celebrating their wedding in August 2014, in a quaint ceremony in Montana. I have no doubt they will have many incredible moments together filled with good times and lots of love.

I wish you both the best life has to offer! Enjoy the images! xo

KristyandWayne-1 KristyandWayne-2 KristyandWayne-3 KristyandWayne-4 KristyandWayne-5 KristyandWayne-6 KristyandWayne-7 KristyandWayne-8 KristyandWayne-9 KristyandWayne-10 KristyandWayne-11 KristyandWayne-12 KristyandWayne-13 KristyandWayne-14 KristyandWayne-15


Welcome Spring Photo Special - Family Fun!

Here is the first session I got to do as part of my Welcome Spring Photography special, which took place in Canmore in early June. This beautiful little family hails from a lovely farming area near Sundre. They love coming to the mountains and wanted to do a session in the great outdoors. I was more than happy to oblige! I absolutely loved their cowboy hats and boots! They made for great additions and added a timeless feel to the images. I also had so much fun with their two young children! We played in grass and flowers all throughout the session. They were all for letting me try some different looks throughout the session and I am so happy with how well they turned out! Super fun and creative session!

Well, enough talking from me. I'll let the photos do the talking! I will be running another special in the fall. I am just working on the final details. It will likely run the weekend of September 14th/15th within Canmore. Stay tuned for more information coming soon! If you can't wait, fire me an email ( and I'll get you booked into an early session.

Hope you are all loving your week thus far! Hugs,

Family-1 Family-2 Family-3 Family-4 Family-5 Family-6 Family-7 Family-8 Family-9 Family-10 Family-11 Family-12 Family-13 Family-14 Family-15 Family-16 Family-17 Family-18 Family-19 Family-20 Family-21 Family-22 Family-23 Family-24 Family-25