Balls Out! Photography Workshop with Two Mann Studios

As I am about to start my first full wedding photography season, I have a strong desire to do an exceptional job with each wedding I am fortunate to work with this year (and the following years). This entails lots of equipment upgrades  and seeking out the best training opportunities available to me. Therefore, It did not take me long to jump on the band wagon when I learned that Erika and Lanny, of Two Mann Studios, were offering their first ever wedding photography workshop. These two photographers are among the best in their industry in Canada, and have created some of the most jaw dropping, incredibly beautiful wedding photography out there. Their creative and unique work has won them many awards within the photography industry. There was no question, I was joining this workshop! The 3 day workshop took place at the iconic Chateau Lake Louise and included 15 other amazing photographers from all over Canada.  In those 3 days, we covered more material than you could ever imagine! I'm talking creative off camera lighting, how to see things differently/more creatively, Photoshop "how to" and lots of wedding photography do's and don'ts. It was the most intense 3 days of learning I have ever experienced with photography! One of the days we photographed, on and off, from 9 am until well past midnight. It honestly took a couple days to recovered after the workshop, but man, was I ever eager to get practicing everything they taught us!

In addition to Erika and Lanny leading sessions, they also brought in the outstanding talent of Paul Zizka Photography to instruct us on how to take amazing night photography. In my opinion, Paul is without a doubt one of the greatest talents out there exploring the Canadian Rockies with a camera. I highly recommend checking out his work! To coin a phrase that became quite popular during the workshop, it is "Amazeballs!"

I had an amazing time and feel as though the skills I acquired will be an asset to my  career within this industry. I highly recommend joining a workshop with this amazing team of photographers. You will not regret it and will be bursting at the seams to try everything they teach you. Well worth the price of admission!

Special Thank you goes out to Erika and Lanny for being a constant source of inspiration and providing one heck of workshop! I feel truly blessed to have had this experience and can hardly wait to put my shiny new skills to work with my first wedding couple of the year. Only 1 more week! I also want to thank each and every one of the participants who joined the experience. I feel as though the workshop has created a network for us to watch and encourage the growth of each others  careers. I can hardly wait to see what we all come up with from it!

Cheers, and Cameras up everyone!

Here are a few shots from the workshop, including both behind the scenes and shots captured of models provided to practice with. Thanks for being such great models to work with everyone!

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