Lisa and Chris - Canmore Wedding August 2013

After taking a much needed break from my business for personal reasons, I am finally ready to hop back into sharing my work. I am more than ready and eager to share one of my most fun weddings from last summer! Meet Lisa and Chris...

I can not possibly say enough great things about this awesome couple. They are gorgeous, generous, easy going and most of all super FUN! I had the immense pleasure of getting to work with them, and super cute dogs, in the spring doing their engagement photos in the Bragg Creek area. I knew then, that I was going to be in for a great time at their wedding. They most definitely did not disappoint!

As stated above, this was one heck of a wedding! Between the morning shenanigans with the groomsmen to the gaggle of giggles that happened during the wedding party portraits, the day was simply awesome. The best part of their day had to be the party though. These two know how to host a great one! I was kept well entertained until the wee hours of the morning chasing one great dancer after another. Over all, one of the most fun parties I have gotten to join in a while.

Thank you Lisa and Chris for not only allowing me the pleasure to be a part of your special day, but also for becoming such great friends. I can hardly wait for the next time we get to see one another again!

Warmest wishes to you both! xo

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