Mike and Cheryl Rafter Six Wedding

So excited to share some photos from this super fun, ranch style wedding that took place at Rafter Six Ranch within Kananaskis country at the end of July. Rafter Six Ranch is situated within some of the most incredibly beautiful views within the Canadian Rockies. My husband and I got married in an area very near to this Ranch, and Mike and Cheryl were guests at it. They too fell in love with the area, and wanted to get married in a similar area as us. I could not have been more excited at the prospect of getting to photograph a wedding in the same area as where I got married. I jumped at the opportunity! Mike and Cheryl are truly two of the nicest people you will ever be lucky to meet and call friends. I knew well before our engagement session that we were going to work together beautifully and that is exactly what happened on their wedding day. We celebrated the sun coming out just before the ceremony, danced in a wildflower filled field amongst the mountains, and laughed to our hearts content during their ridiculously funny reception. Truly one of the most fun weddings I have ever been to!

Many thanks to you both for allowing me the pleasure of capturing your amazing wedding day.  Thanks for the many dances!

Enjoy the photos! xo

MikeandCheryl-4 MikeandCheryl-5 MikeandCheryl-6MikeandCheryl-68MikeandCheryl-1 MikeandCheryl-2MikeandCheryl-65-2MikeandCheryl-7 MikeandCheryl-8MikeandCheryl-69 MikeandCheryl-11 MikeandCheryl-12MikeandCheryl-14 MikeandCheryl-15 MikeandCheryl-16 MikeandCheryl-17 MikeandCheryl-18MikeandCheryl-67 MikeandCheryl-20 MikeandCheryl-22 MikeandCheryl-21 MikeandCheryl-23 MikeandCheryl-26 MikeandCheryl-27 MikeandCheryl-28 MikeandCheryl-29 MikeandCheryl-30 MikeandCheryl-31 MikeandCheryl-32 MikeandCheryl-33MikeandCheryl-66MikeandCheryl-35MikeandCheryl-36MikeandCheryl-37 MikeandCheryl-40 MikeandCheryl-41 MikeandCheryl-42 MikeandCheryl-43MikeandCheryl-44 MikeandCheryl-46 MikeandCheryl-47 MikeandCheryl-48MikeandCheryl-50 MikeandCheryl-51 MikeandCheryl-52MikeandCheryl-54MikeandCheryl-49MikeandCheryl-53MikeandCheryl-55MikeandCheryl-56MikeandCheryl-57MikeandCheryl-59 MikeandCheryl-60 MikeandCheryl-61 MikeandCheryl-62 MikeandCheryl-63MikeandCheryl-39