Spring Holiday

Every year my husband and our friends gather to camp, climb and enjoy the great outdoors for a couples weeks before summer takes us in different directions. Our choice destination is a climbing area in Penticton BC called Skaha Bluffs. We usually come here every spring to escape the lengthy winter in Canmore. The temps are usually pleasant and our spring seeking bodies seem to come to life along with everything else in that area. Everything is greening up, flowers are coming out and the light is perfect. I love coming here and taking photos as it's like coming back to my root in photography. Lots of landscape, nature and my favorite - Adventure! Here are a few of my favorite images from this years trip. I should warn you, I kinda adore my dog... She's the first photo. They are a few of her. ;)


Skaha-1 Skaha-2 Skaha-3 Skaha-4 Skaha-5 Skaha-6 Skaha-7 Skaha-8 Skaha-9 Skaha-10 Skaha-11 Skaha-12 Skaha-13 Skaha-14 Skaha-15 Skaha-16 Skaha-17 Skaha-18 Skaha-19 Cloud-1 Skaha-21 Skaha-22 Skaha-23 Skaha-24 Skaha-25 Skaha-26