Beaches, surfing, rainforests and more in and around beautiful Tofino!

Here are some photos from a trip my husband and I took in the fall. We traveled in California for roughly 3 weeks and then made the mega drive of 1908.3 km from sunny Bishop to the rainy, but oh so beautiful, Tofino BC. We visited Tofino to join close friends of mine, from my University days, who were getting married on the island at the end of October. I had the immense pleasure of doing a reading during their ceremony. It was a lovely event that took place at Middle Beach Lodge. Marnie Recker was their main photographer for the wedding and she did an absolutely amazing job! Here is a link to their wedding photos. This was my first time visiting the island and it was everything I dreamed it to be. Tofino is like another world! Between the endless coastline to the lush green forests, I was in complete photography heaven. I would love to go back to the area and spend some more time there, especially in the summer months!

There are a variety of images involving landscape, people, and nature. All my favorite subjects! I hope you like the photos!

Have a great night everyone!



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