Yogic in Nature!

I had the immense pleasure of getting to join the Yogic in Nature retreat that was held at the Sheiling Mountain lodge in Nordegg AB,  a couple weeks ago. The retreat facilitators, Maren Hasse and Darcie Duffin, are dear friends of mine who had asked me if I would like to join. I was over the moon elated with their invitation and immediately agreed to come. I offered to photograph various parts of the weekend so they could have some images to use for future advertising. In the end, it was a win win situation for me. I got to have a relaxing getaway weekend with some my favourite people in the world AND I got to use my camera! Insert - Happy Dance! The retreat was just as it sounds - a treat! It provided some pretty amazing moments of peace and relaxation. We indulged in a serene sunset yoga session with live drumming, flow yoga in the sunshine, a partner yoga workshop near a flowing creek and a welcome finish with yin yoga. It honestly was pure magic from start to finish! We ate delicious vegetarian meals, had deep meaningful conversations, evening hot tub soaks under the stars and enough laughter to fill any girls boots. I would highly recommend checking out the Essential Life Series programs. There is a full variety of options to cater to any eclectic lifestyle. The best part of the experience is that you will discover a new home away from home.


Here are some images from the retreat. I extend a warm greeting and a hug to all the fellow retreatant, nature lovin yogis. Thanks for making the weekend so incredible!